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I am Looking to Pay Producers/Singers/Rappers MONEY!!! for a Serious Collaboration



  • eohlson

    Any updates on this? Sounds like a fun project.

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  • Bobby Bank$

    Im in sounds perfect! Exciting



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  • D Roc

    Thanks for commenting eohlson, and welcome to the first step to working with us and making some $$$. The reason I'm making this joint Collab. Project is because I want to accomplish 2 things; firstly I want to release serious content on itunes/Spotify, so I need someone who is either experienced or is willing to go the extra mile with me and produce something an experienced produce would create. And, secondly I need producers who are willing to Co produce with me and sell beats online, we will work as a team learning from each other and will end up splitting the royalties the track we make depending on your contributions. So what do you need to know about the project so far?

    We currently have 1 producer willing to collaborate so he will have creative priority of the track. I hope to build a team of producers to build a number of track not just one, but I need people who are dedicated, if I feel you are not dedicated from the beginning I won't pay the upfront bonus, however the music we make will be featured on itunes/Spotify so if you follow me lead, we can actually complete the project. Currently the structure is like this I am the executive producer, and I am looking for 4 co-producers to collaborate with on an inclusive basis. I will pay each producer in royalties + bonuses based on the quality of service delivered through PayPal (I'm flexible about this), but I am willing to accept more based on the demand for music I'm trying to put out and how willing y'all want to develop with me and ride my wave. The sooner you sign up the more authority you will have on the track so don't wait to sign up, just sign up, get that out the way and we can talk music when your ready.

    In conclusion I need producers who are willing to attend online meetings, meet deadlines and intergrate with my work flow. If you can't do these 3 things please don't sign up, I put my heart and soul into my music and I need my team mates to do the same.

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