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loudness - help!



  • Jethro

    Hello, thanks for getting in touch!

    Soundtrap automatically masters your project when you click "Save". This includes adding processors such as limiters, compressors and equalizers to the exported song file to achieve a decent volume level that is not too far from music industry standard.

    However, we agree that disabling this feature can be beneficial for users. For this and other awesome ideas that come to mind, please share it in our Feature Request section. We're not sure when, but we'll surely let you guys know when this feature rolls out.

    Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with or send us an email here for us to assist you better :)

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  • pierce.d.hale

    Hi Eden,

    They have a feature now where you can export from within the studio and you can turn off the "Auto Mastering" and get a audio file untampered with. You can easily generate one file with and one without auto mastering to compare.  



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