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Does Soundtrap have an update log so I can see what updates they make and when?


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  • kvist

    Hey Randy,

    TL;DR: Nope, no update log, no changelog, no relevant information in newsletters, no announcements in this regard, no communication at all on where Soundtrap as a whole is heading towards.

    Soundtrap unfortunately isn't all too communicative when it comes to updates to their actual software, the monthly Newsletter barely contains anything more than "check out our new sound pack made in collaboration with artist xyz", but nothing about what's really happening (or planned to happen) to the page itself. Essentially, what we're missing at the very least are a changelog, a roadmap would be nice, too.

    I've been talking about this and similar problems over here, before so if you could hop over and bump that post with a quick reply, maybe even an upvote if you actually like it, that'd be greatly appreciated, as together, we have a stronger voice that's more likely to be heard.

    It's basically the same as with the Feature Requests. Twenty people making the same request with 1 upvote each will be not as successful as a single post with 20 upvotes total. That could be easily solved with some moderation tailored to this type of post, but it's also not happening.

    In any case, thank you so much for voicing your opinion on this topic as it's what bugs me the most about Soundtrap, and I'd like to see this addressed ASAP.


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