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  • Official comment

    Hi, thanks for reaching out! We will need some more information to be able to help you with this, so we have passed this on to our Support team. They will contact you shortly. Please let us know if there's anything else! 

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  • johnmaknak

    Your song has been "mixing for a month"?????

    I looked you up on YouTube and you're obviously a very talented, very musically-advanced entertainer.

    I don't know how to get in touch with you, Alvaro Soler Tarin, but I'd like to, to find out what you've decided to do about this. I'm writing this 2 years-later then you wrote your complaint. 

    From what I can tell, Soundtrap only successfully mixes my songs that are less than 15-30 minutes long. Anything longer than that, and the "mixing" starts and does not stop. Eventually, Soundtrap will make me log in again, while my song is "mixing," and of course, this doesn't work, because then it has to reload the song and it reverts to "mixing" all over again. :) :)       

    I really like Soundtrap, but it looks like this isn't going to work. As long as it keeps "mixing," it won't let you download the song.

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