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A better way to find collaborators



  • pierce.d.hale

    Hi Oly.  I 100% agree.  I submitted a ticket because I saw a message about public profiles going away.  I have so much love for this tool, but that's largely because I saw it as the way of the future for musical collaboration (and I have very passionate feelings about the collaboration as core component of the human musical phenomenon).  I can only assume that they have something else in the game plan, but it could be security restrictions from Spotify (who also does not have a super great 'connection with others' capability) or something like that.  

    I expect their are many others that feel the same, but as you mention the community is not widely used, so... catch 22...  

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  • spartanxp7

    This is a great suggestion.  I'm working on a rap in soundtrap right now with my sister, but I need help finding the right beats and sounds and getting the whole project organized properly, but I don't know how to find collaborators besides asking on soundbetter or Facebook or something like that😐😐😐🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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  • Oly Sparks

    I'm sure that the folk at Soundtrap are fully aware of their competitors, but if they want to know how to bring the social element to music making, they should check out Bandlab. It's basically Facebook for music creators: You have a public profile (imagine that!) and home page you can post to with your music or any other kind of message, a feed from others that you follow, discover (I remember Soundtrap had that once...) other creators by searching or browsing. Bandlab even has its own (free) DAW, and maybe it's because I'm now familiar with Soundtrap, but I find Soundtrap easier to use.

    So I'm creating in Soundtrap, but uploading/sharing in Bandlab (and not really bothering with YouTube or Soundcloud). It's a really nice feeling even just having a handful of people listen to something I've done and getting an occasional like or positive comment. Come on Soundtrap - if you want to keep your users, make it a social not solo experience!

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  • eclecticsound

    If it was possible to edit a public profile with tracks that every user choose to show (like saying this is what I can do), it would be easier to select potential collaborations by musical affinity...more music than chat or videochat would be great.

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  • Donnie Kline

    I use soundtrap daily but am forced to go to other sites like to post and collaborate or promote. It seems to me if wants my 20.00 bucks a month they need to come into the social media and  social networking present like everyone else. This "community-based '  poster board setup they have here reminds me of AOL back in the 90's with its lack of media and other options. Not to mention having to post font with no hyperlink to our public profile in these posts. Makes it near impossible for us to interact or find new musician's. I have been paying but it seems like I get a lot more on for free.  We can't even click on the names within these very posts as a link to the users profile .!?  needs a lot of work and upgrades to bring them up to speed with our wants and needs. Specially at these prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Donnie Kline

    Hell, we can't even like each others posts or comments on this community board. : /

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  • amorouhisoka174

    we really need the old version back because whats the point of making music if no one can see it or we cant even like other peoples music 

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  • Elora


    I fully agree with the original poster. 

    Soundtrap undoubtedly has many wonderful creatives using it (over 10 million users since it's inception?), and so it seems it would be beneficial for Soundtrap to embrace the beautiful collaborative nature of music, and allow users to more seamlessly connect with one another.

    Naturally, creating and fostering a more robust social and community experience within Soundtrap itself would keep people on Soundtrap, using Soundtrap. I only started making music a couple of years ago, so I must have missed the Profiles. I'm super bummed about that. 

    By day I am a graphic/web designer, and have seen the benefits of companies having their own social spaces/communities. 

    A safe space for like-minded creatives to gather and share their art, in the same place where the magic happens. A dream come true.

    We need the ability to:

    • Create/maintain a public profile if one chooses to do so.
    • Allow people to share tracks on their profile publicly.
    • Include various privacy options, of course, as not everyone wants to share (but I have a HUGE feeling, a great many of us do).
    • The ability to click on usernames within the community and be taken to their profile, which could function like insta where it could be private or public, users choice. 
    • Profiles could include such info as a title, tagline, bio, instrument of choice, genres, and then tracks that can be organized according to how the artist would like them to be listened to. Then, if the artist allows, (similar to Soundcloud) other users can like/comment/share the listed tracks. Perhaps if not too complicated, the inclusion of a trailer/music video within the profile would be cool too.
    • Elements of deviantart/nightcafe/reddit would be the coolest. Profiles, groups, subgroups, badges perhaps?
    • Additionally, analytics could be added, eventually, for subscribers (number of profile views, listens, likes - again similar to Soundcloud).

    Sure, we could leave the site, and use social media to try to find other Soundtrap creatives, but wouldn't be even more exciting if Soundtrap had it all? I mean the collaborative function, and messaging is almost there. 

    Community is a major piece of the musical and collaborative experience. 

    The people are already using Soundtrap, thats shown, so why not improve the overall user experience with the inclusion of these important features.

    As another user above stated, "make it a social, not solo experience".

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