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How to change the frequency of songs into 432hz?



  • M. A.

    Hi Omari, thanks for getting in touch!

    We're not quite sure what you mean by changing the frequency of a song to 432 Hz since it will sound like a single note (A4). However, you can definitely choose an instrument inside the studio to play an A4 and create a frequency of 432 Hz.

    If you're referring to the audio file quality, here's a quick guide you can check. Let us know if there's anything else :)


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  • xQ

    I've found the solution

    I dont think you can do this natively on the website, but you can go to to change it there:

    1. Go to the link above and import your soundtrack file (must be MP3 format though)
    2. When the editor opens, on the top left corner, choose the Pitch icon
    3. Slide the slider until the pitch you want 
    4. The preview might be slightly glitchy, but rest assured when you click on Save and download the file, it's gonna be fine

    Hope this helps!

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  • Abiel

    Hi there, thanks for getting in touch!

    We appreciate the information you've provided. We're sad to say that we don't have a feature where you can change the tone frequency of the whole song.

    Though for users who might be wondering how to do this, you may rely to the information above.

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