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  • M. A.

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch!

    We're afraid it's not currently possible to completely remove the vocals, but we have a few tools in the studio that can help drastically reduce the volume of the vocals in a track. Feel free to check these effects out:

    • Karaoke effect

    • Equalizer effect

    While this may not remove the vocals completely, the Equalizer is an effective tool in reducing the volume of the vocals while maintaining a clean overall mix. The clarity and crispness of the human voice is usually found in the high-mids so you can use the shape of the Equalizer in the image above as a guide or starting point.

    Let us know if there's anything else :)


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  • chenzirah

    Hello, I had the same question about removing vocals from a track.

    Is this still currently not possible? Just wondering if there has been any changes.


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