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Multiple students using a license?



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    Audrey O'Clair

    Great question:-) Each "seat" is tied to a student - that way, they can keep creating at home, library, etc. on ANY device. Their projects won't be "stuck" on a lab computer and they can collaborate with their peers outside of the class.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!



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  • mkiminski

    Related question - I have a new set of 25 students per quarter in my general music class. Can I reassign seats to new students each quarter since they won't need their seat for more than 9 weeks?




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  • Audrey O'Clair

    Hi Matt!

    The seats are flexible and you can "assign" and "unassign" students easily from the edu admin panel.  Keep in mind that students will lose access to the studio and their projects when they are unassigned. 

    Here is a support article that may be helpful.




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