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  • Mark Reppert

    I think we are talking about the same thing when I talk about a Lockout feature. I had a problem with choir members accidentally recording over other members' tracks. The ability to lock them, except from the owner, would be great! 

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  • Marvin D. Toll

    There is a related issue (to track locking... ) please vote to have this resolved by clicking on the "up arrow" after going to the link.

    Depending on your perspective, there is either a significant bug, or dramatic design flaw, that makes this whole track locking problem severe.  For example, when I use Reaper with its superior Midi Editor etc. to create backing tracks (and then import them into Soundtrap)... if I mark a track for "Record" the record selection can not "move" from track to track.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in Soundtrap. If you identify a track for "Record" and click on another track, and then click on a third track, the high-lighted red "Record" icon "jumps" to the third track!

    I share your passion for "user-focused software" and this behavior violates a number of usability guidelines.  Specifically, it is unpredictable behavior that leads to a "destructive" outcome. (For others, the term "destructive" in software design is often used to designate when data gets "trashed" in a manner that may be unrealized by the user of the software. This category of "bug" is considered the most egregious by professional software engineers.)

    So, after periodically spending evenings being called by users that had NO IDEA how they possibly recorded over someone else's track... at least we now have a handle on the systemic flaw that has damaged our team efficiency.


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