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A general mixer


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  • Jake Sandakly

    I agree, but I think that the standard of "mixer view" in logic, pro tools, etc all are confusing and honestly suck unless you've used a physical mixer. Don't think it fits in this interface, but the mentioned functionality would be quite useful.

    QUICK SUGGESTION: a signifier in the track header showing 'sound is coming out of THIS track right now' like a little light, or even text (i.e., "_" changes to "^"  or with some emoji " 🔘" changes to " 🔴", doesn't have to be fancy. Or an emoji for "no sound" "very soft sound but it's there" "approaching 0dB" "probably clipping")

    BIG PICTURE SUGGESTION: Maybe the functions of 'mix view' could be put into an extended version of the track headers. More tools could come up where the regions/waveforms would usually be, like a meter, slider instead of knob (knobs turned with mouses almost always suck) so the motion/sound representation stays to the right of the track header at all times. Think there are a lot of benefits to this.

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