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Virtual choir recording



  • Jorge

    Hi John, thank you for reaching out. That sounds like an awesome project!

    Based on what we understand, you might be experiencing latency (the time it takes for your voice to be picked up by your microphone until it reaches your computer) while recording. When this happens, the recording will be off-beat by a certain time offset.

    To fix this, simply turn off snap-to-grid mode in the studio and drag track 2 so that it lines up as it should. Please also note that different computers and devices respond very differently to latency.

    Let us know if this helps :)

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  • Tim Killgore

    I tried this for my class and it corrected the problem well.  Sure sounded like a traffic jam before the snap-to-grid fix.

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  • jgaunt

    Jorge-thank you for your quick response!  I will try that out



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  • Wes Webb

    Hi John, I'm doing this too. What headphones are you using? I've been testing it out on all the headphones I have. If you're using wireless headphones, you'll get latency. (E. g. AirPods won't work.)

    A couple of fascinating phenomena in case it's helpful: it appears on a MacBook Air, it's not possible to set the audio input to headphones. I guess you can on a MacBook Pro.

    Here's a video I found with instructions about how to make a DIY pop filter. I made one with a thin sock. If you get enough stretch, it works really well. (And the whole part about the wire cutter isn't necessary.) I'm also having them create makeshift booths using pillows. It makes a huge difference rather than singing straight out into a room.
    Best of luck with it!
    Wes Webb
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  • Rafael Caldas

    I'm working with my choir since the beginning of pandemy and it's being great. I think it would be nice if more directors talk about their practices.

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