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Turning in work via Google Classroom



  • Audrey O'Clair

    Hi Stacey!

    Thank you so much for sharing this question on the Community!  This is the perfect spot to have these types of conversations. 

    Once you have created a project inside of Soundtrap by giving it a title, you can push it out as an assignment through Google Classroom.  As soon as each student has opened the assignment, you will have the ability to view their work from your Soundtrap profile page.  You can either preview their assignment in the folder dedicated to that specific assignment or open up the project to see the studio view.  

    Is this the help article you were referring to in your question? This is generally the most helpful visual representation of how to create an assignment.  

    Please keep in mind that at this point, there is not a feature within Soundtrap to mark an assignment as completed. 




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  • Stacey Ogden

    Thank you!

    Are students able to download their work, which could then be uploaded to GC?


    This is the article I was reading.  Specifically item #2.  When I click the link it goes to the main help page, not an article.

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  • jer7668

    Hi Audrey!

    Can I 'piggyback' onto your conversation with Stacey..?

    I had the same question and went through the same tutorial you reference in your message to Stacey. In "My Projects," there is only (1) project. I selected it, expecting to see "Create Assignment," but there's nothing of the sort. I think I understand the part about separately assigning it to my (6) classes through Google Classroom. Once a student opens the assignment in GC, I will have access to their project by way of that class' folder. Is that right? But how do I "create an Assignment" if that doesn't appear?

    Last thing for now, the 'assignment' that I am (hopefully with your help!) 'creating,' can I just post MY sample project so they can get a sense of what it might look like, a Screencastify video of me walking them through the process, and instructions to open Soundtrap on their device (iPads most likely) and sign up and create a new project? Is that how that works..?

    At your convenience...

    Joshua R

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  • Audrey O'Clair

    Hi Stacey,

    Yes, students can download their projects using these directions. 

    To create a spot for the student to share their audio file, the teacher will:

    1. Log into Google Classroom and find "Classwork" menu 
    2. Click "create"
    3. Click "assignment"
    4. Name the assignment
    5. Add instructions
    6. Click assign

    At that point, the student will:

    1. Open the assignment in Google Classroom
    2. Under "your work" click "add or create"
    3. Click the paper clip icon for "File"
    4. Click "select files from your device"
    5. Find the file on the hard drive
    6. Click "open"
    7. Click "upload"
    8. Click "turn in"
    9. Click "turn in" again to verify

    Is this helpful?  It looks like others are appreciating your questions as well!  Thank you for contributing to the Community!





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  • Audrey O'Clair

    Hi Joshua!

    Piggybacking is always welcome in the community!  

    I am thinking there are two things going on in this conversation.  Stacey wanted to create an assignment in GC for students to upload a file.  Directions above.

    To create an assignment in Soundtrap, you simply need to:

    1. Open a new project in the studio
    2. Give it a name
    3. You can record your demo or directions as a voice track (I love doing this!  Students can mute or delete once they get it)
    4. Save
    5. Click on the three dots all the way to the right of the new assignment
    6. Click create assignment
    7. Click share
    8. Select Google Classroom
    9. Choose the class
    10. Choose the action
    11. Press go!

    When you follow these steps, does it work?  You should have access to each individual project once they open it in the studio.  :)

    Thank you so much for posting to the community!

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  • jgaunt

    Good Morning Audrey!

    As I was following the threads above, and I went to the  "How do I create assignments through Google Classroom?"  page.   

    I clicked the video tutorial link but an error message came up. 

    Is a chance there is another link to that video tutorial?

    Thank you for your help.


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  • Kcuevas


    Anyone have experience advising students on how to find their downloaded mp3 on an ipad or android tablet? I'm thinking they should be able to download it directly to their google drive (we are a google classroom school), but my personal ipad is too old to run the experiment and advise the kids who are asking...Thanks!

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  • M. A.

    Hello, thanks for reaching out!

    We'll be forwarding this request to our support team, so we can look into this. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

    In the meantime, let us know if there's anything else :)


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