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  • Zenon Tappen

    we should be able to automate tempo aswell

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  • Andrew Day

    I agree with both of these ideas. Surely it should be possible to support other time signatures in Soundtrap AND to have a master tempo track feature that allows control of tempos throughout a piece.....????

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  • Connor Cox

    It would be great to be able to change tempo, time signature, key, master volume throughout each piece!

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  • markcline700

    I just ran into this limitation as well.  I sent a support request, which returned a suggestion to post here.  Looks like I'm not alone, and since Alex made the first suggestion 8 months ago,  I guess I won't hold my breath. ;-)   I guess I'll just have to build the drums in Reaper for now and then import the midi and use a straight metronome with no accent.

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  • jlacolem

    I'm a liberal user of "ritardandos" and "a tempos"... not being able to vary the timing of my piece limits my expressiveness tremendously!

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