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Effect Series: How to use Pan



  • Rule 15

    I often have difficulty knowing where to place sounds such that they don't drown out the vocals. I don't want vocals to be too loud or invasive, but I don't know how to make everything sound clear. Any suggestions?

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  • Andreas Pejler

    Hi Rule 15, and thanks for responding! 

    As a rule of thumb, I suggest placing the vocals, bass, hi-hat and snare in the center. Start with those elements, and find a nice mix in volume between them. Then, you can decorate the stereo image with the other instrument - i. e., start panning. Always listen to how the vocals sound in the mix, as you start adding more and more elements.

    Panning can make your different sounds clearer, as they will have a dedicated spot in the stereo image - however, you might also have to apply EQ's to your different tracks to make them sound more distinct. A rule of thumb here is to remove low frequencies from the sound - if your mix is daft and lack clarity, it is often a consequence of too much low to low-mid frequencies. 

    Keep exploring and remember to trust your ears!

    /Andreas Pejler, Audio Producer at Soundtrap

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