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"Roses" - I need help with this song. (VOCALISTS WANTED)



  • katana

    Yeah, sure! i'd love to help with this song

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  • Elora

    Super interested, reach out :)

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  • Briar Looney

    Hey, I've seen a few of you have commented on the post, that is amazing, and I'm willing to take anyone who can help, and I don't mind it being a four way collaboration between myself, Elora, Katana, and Echo, or actually, why not a mega collaboration of 10+ people? Do any of you have Discord by any chance? if you do, I'll give my @ so we can create a group DM and we can talk more on there. Thank you all and have a great day!

    -ElectroFire ( ;




    Display Name: ElectroFire

    If you are not able to reach out via discord, I'll figure out a way to K.I.T with you.

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  • Invalid Echo

    I could try to give ya a hand with this but not saying my mic quality is the greatest

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