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tempo meter



  • Abiel (Music Maker)

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out. We're afraid that we don't have a feature to identify the BPM of any given loop. And yet, this is definitely a good idea. Hopefully, we'll be able to consider this one in the future.

    Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with :)

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  • Kish - Soundtrap

    Hey s.e hill, 

    As my colleague Abiel mentioned yes this isn't directly possible in Soundtrap for loops that you may import in.

    Some things that could be worth remembering:

    1. Soundtrap auto-adjusts loops from our own library to the BPM set in the session, meaning less work for you!
    2. If you hold option and drag one of these loops to the right it will stretch it. If you stretch it to twice the length (so it sounds 2x slower) you are essentially halving the BPM. So thats a rough way to calculate it.
    3. Fun-tip: try adjusting the BPM of your whole session to see how your whole project works in different speeds/genres, I know some famous producers like Timbaland advocated for this style of experimentation a lot.

    Hope this helps and happy music making!

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