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Autosave Toggle Switch in Settings, Please?



  • Kish - Soundtrap

    Hey @coolskeleton111 thanks a lot for taking the time to write this suggestion. 

    I personally really like your idea and can imagine how it would be beneficial for musical-experimentation! Rest assured I've made a note of it.

    As you can imagine it may take some time to integrate all of our amazing community's suggestions into Soundtrap but we do value your input so please keep them coming. While we get to work, make sure you check out some of the new things that have gone live in the studio this past month (Visual EQ, Tape Wobble, Mod Delay, Juicy Distortion, Crusher). I'd love to hear what you think about them.

    Thanks for being a part of our community!


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  • dkaissa50

    Just to let you know that I also find the inability to turn off the autosave function to be a real problem.

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  • Coolskeleton111

    I really hope they're working on making the function! I know that they said it'd "take time" to make it if they are, but it seems to me that some users, such as myself, would like to have autosave off as soon as possible. What I'd suggest, is maybe if they still have some of the coding and sources for the "manual save" from back then, combine them with the assets for the "autosave". Then, try to run it in projects when the switch is triggered. There may be a few bugs during testing or a long maintenance period, but I'd be willing to wait as long as needed as long as the function eventually gets into SoundTrap. Thank you for your hard work, SoundTrap team!

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