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effects automation



  • Abiel (Music Maker)

    Hi, we appreciate your feedback :)

    Soundtrap is a user friendly application so that aspiring producers and artists can easily learn and use it as a stepping stone to their career.

    We truly understand the limitations of Soundtrap's automations. Having the full capability of using them is a great tool for a lot of creative users, this also goes along with allowing third party applications (VSTs).

    We're always looking forward to make things better, and we're hoping for more opportunities to come. We'll definitely take a note on this and we truly appreciate your time for sending us your message.

    If you need any further help, just let us know!

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  • Kish - Soundtrap

    Hey Bob Ross, 

    To jump in on what my colleague Abiel said here too, thanks for going out of your way to provide us suggestions - I promise we are listening!

    I noticed one of the things you mentioned was to 'expand the effects available' and this is something we have focused on this past month. We have 5 new FX (Visual EQ, Mod Delay, Tape Wobble, Juicy Distortion, Crusher) in the studio and I'd personally love to hear your feedback on them.

    Thanks for being part of our community!


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  • Fvintrob2

    What bob ross is saying makes perfect sense and Abiel´s response is a total non-answer. I like to think that Spotify (owner of soundtrap) thinks of soundtrap as a side project and fails to realize they own a potential DAW revolution. Put effects automation, create a desktop offline version, go back to manual saving, fix vocal tuner and we will be more than happy i swear

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  • softguts

    I started using soundtrap back in 2017 and it's been cool to watch the software develop alongside my own skills as a producer. However, I feel like something has happened in the past year or 2, maybe a huge management/devs overhaul(??), because the software is consistently disintegrating.

    I've been a paying user for over 5 years and on a monthly basis I'm having these very features ripped from my account. To regain access to the base level features that Bob Ross has rightly highlighted as incredibly useful tools in music production. I have to lodge a support request and it often takes around a week to resolve. 

    I'd really just like to able able to put my trust in this site, I think maybe taking time to look into the functionality of the site and iron out those tech creases would be fab

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