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Reverb not working



  • Randy Randomson

    I've found that reverb doesn't work if your sound quality is set to low or extra low. Check to see what yours is set on. To check this, open a project, then click on the Settings tab. In the dropdown, hover over the Sound Quality option.

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  • plethoraofpies

    most likely it's the quality setting

    if the sound quality (that you can find in the settings) is set to low, reverb is disabled

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  • Abiel (Music Maker)

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch!

    Yes, that is correct, the availability of the reverb effect depends on the Sound quality that is set in the studio. You may check more details here for a detailed walkthrough.

    If your students are still experiencing the same issue after changing the sound quality, kindly reach out to us here.

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