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Autosave Feature - Please can we have a choice?



  • Jethro

    Hi, thank you for reaching out!

    At present, turning off the autosave is currently unavailable. This feature was added to ensure that unsaved project data won't get lost in the event that a user accidentally closed his/her file due to any unexpected issues.

    If you prefer the old version where you need to manually save your project, an available workaround is to make a copy of an old project (projects made before December 2022) with manual save feature, duplicate your old, delete all existing tracks and use it as as template. This way, you can still utilize the manual save function even if you create new arrangements/beats/recordings.

    Nonetheless, auto-save option and having the homepage instead of a new project as landing page, both are awesome idea that's unfortunately still in our wish list. We'll be sure to let our developers know about your input and that you're rooting for this feature :)

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  • amcga1

    We used to have a choice lol they randomly added it -_-

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  • Mumu Faizon

    YO! i found a way to bring it back regular save!

    click this link

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