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Let us turn off auto mixing



  • Jethro

    Hello, thank you for reaching out!

    At present, turning off the autosave is currently unavailable. This feature was added to ensure that unsaved project data won't get lost in the event that a user accidentally closed his/her file due to unexpected power outages or device system issues.

    If you prefer the old version where you need to manually save your project, an available workaround is to make a copy of an old project (projects made before December 2022) with manual save feature, duplicate your old, delete all existing tracks and use it as as template. This way, you can still utilize the manual save function even if you create new arrangements/beats/recordings.

    Hope this helps for the meantime :)

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  • DramaticCheese

    I think they were talking about how everything seems to get kind of compressed when you save.

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  • Jimbo450

    Not autosave - 

    The problem is when you export a project it is quieter and more compressed. 

    Projects sound full and loud in the studio however once exported lose that sound due to Soundtraps automatic mastering process.

    This needs to be removed or at least optionally removed

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  • Jethro

    Hello, thank you for clarifying and for further sharing more details about your experience.

    For any sort of buzz, distortion, or other audio issues that you hear after the final mix and master, it means that the audio tracks for the project are clipping. To fix clipping, make sure that their levels don't reach 0db before rendering your file.

    For low-frequency heavy instruments, try lessening their volumes. Usually, these instruments do not require that much gain and its best to mix them together as well.

    If you lower the volume of these low instruments and they get lost in the mix, it would be best to lower the levels of the other instruments.

    If you want to learn more about this process of volume balancing, you may research about gain staging.

    We hope that helps. Should the issue persist, you can reach us via email here for further assistance :)

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